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"That was one of the best edits I've had in a long time! Loved her attention to the finer details of the characters ... I really appreciated her pointing out the areas where the characters' internals weren't consistent with their personalities."

J. B. Salsbury, New York Times& USA Today best-selling author

"She really went above and beyond. Everything she pointed out was spot on, and I'm incredibly grateful."

Whitney Amazeen, author of One Carefree Day

"Marissa is amazing to work with. Not only does she take the time to dig into the nuances of your story and make it its very best, but she also tailors her notes to the writer's unique style, bringing out the best in a voice. She educates along the way so every work you write in the future is better."

Ginger Scott, USA Today& Wall Street Journal best-selling author

"She has a passion for words shown not only in they way she writes, but the way she speaks. It's an enviable talent, Marissa's ability to turn ideas into narrative." 

Jessica Lofthouse, lofthouse creative, LLC 

" Writing is not an easy task, especially in a second language. Before working with Marissa, I had a lot of difficulties organizing ideas in English. This, of course, hampered the construction of the texts. With [her] help, my writing has become more fluid, deeper, more objective and I was able to optimize my time. She has been a key part of my work. I highly recommend her!"

Luisa Oliveira, Digital Marketing and visual communication specialist

"[Ingenious Solutions Factory's] experience with Marissa has been very satisfactory. She plays a key role in enriching the work of my communications team. She not only edits all website content, social media and in-house documents for ISF, but digital copy for all our clients as well. Her skills allow her to edit, overlook and comment from different perspectives and her queries and suggestions add tremendous value to her work.

Her innate perfectionism makes her curious and immensely eager to learn about technical or niche fields to better perform her job, and she does it sensationally.  You will never regret hiring her."

Ana Salas, CEO, Ingenious Solutions Factory

Questions, concerns, need more convincing? Let's chat, I love to chat!

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