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   this is a photo of fungus under a microscope and like this photo of fungus under a microscope, a portfolio reveals the wonderous growing diversity beneath an assumed veneer. As humble as I am proud (yes I humbly state my pride), I present the following works, clients and authors that I've worked with over the past 2 years. 

general fiction

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authors& writers **please note I've worked with these authors in some capacity. works listed here are titles these authors are best known for.

  • Tijan Meyer, New York Times best-selling author, Carter Reed series and The Fallen Crest series

  • J.B. Salsbury, Neyw York Times &USA Today best-selling author, The Fighting series, Jack and Sadie (2019)

  • Ginger Scott, best-selling romance author, Candy Colored Sky (2021), Drummer Girl (2019)

  • Jessica Sorenson, New York Times and USA Today best-selling author, One More Step: an anthology (2020), Wreck Me (2014)

  • Gianna Gabriela, USA Today best-selling author, Whatever it Takes (2021), Not Alone novellas

  • J.C. BrittCatch: a BBW Romance (2020)

  • Dawn ChiletzThe Contest (2014)

  • Evan GraceSecurity Breach (2018)

  • L.K. FarlowBest of Me (2019), The Southern Roots series 

  • K.F. Breene, Washington post &USA Today best-selling author, A Ruin of Roses (2021), Sin & Chocolate (2018)

  • Eva MackenzieFinding Luca (2020)

  • Summer O'Toole, top 100 best seller on Amazon, Stolen series

  • Maggie Ray, award-winning author, Healer (2021)

  • Cathlin Shahriary, The Fae Realm books, Ianthe (2015)

  • Julie Solano & Tracy Justice, Best YA Book and Author of the Year, When Fall Breaks (2015)

  • Lilly WildeThe Untouched series, Rendezvous dot com (first published One More Step: an anthology (2020) 

  • Syliva CastilloCaballeros (2019)

  • Michael James Ploof, Legends of Agora 

  • Lisa Michelle, Calaveres (2020), Blue Mountain (2021)

  • Whitney Amazeen, Something Bright and Burning (2022)

past& present clients


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