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professional me

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  • member of ACES, the American Copy Editors society

  • ACES/POYNTER copyediting certification

  • stylistic creative writer with specialty in creative nonfiction and identity narrative

  • experienced academic writer

  • studied epistemological narratives centered on multicultural perspectives and incomplete histories


  • Freelance copyeditor

  • Editor associate, Ingenious Solutions Factory

  • Staff reporter, the Laramie Daily Boomerang

  • Intern content writer, the Borgen Project


  • Bachelor of Arts, Collegeof Arts&Sciences, Dpt. English, University of Wyoming, 2019

  • ACES training

  • ACES/POYNTER copyediting certification

  My academic and personal experiences contribute to an extensive knowledge of artful and intentional writing. Over the years I've studied culturally, stylistically, methodologically and artistically different texts. I fell in love with personal narrative and creative nonfiction, and I have a special heartspot for fairy tales and folklore-I find the archetype of the inadequately nourished youth by either a parent or sibling foiled by the tender care and wisdom of a grandparent or passing pheasant comforting and reassuring that not all is bad in the world.


personal me

 My Dearest Wordsmith,

I'm passionate. About language, about stories, about art. I believe language is the best tool we have to make connections and thus, is the truest form of self expression. "Words are the only thing God gave us to communicate." Those were my grandfather's last words to me and since then, I've known that wordsmithing my own thoughts and ideas and expereinces-and helping others do the same-was the passion and pursuit of my lifetime. 

 Growing up in Virginia and Maryland and switching between Black and Asian and somewhere-in-between identities made for a very uncomfortable upbringing. If I wasn't defending my sanity or stifling off car sickness, I was singing very poorly-writ original songs about love, loss and lollipops. The growing pains of the formative "adult" years were just as awkward and discomforting. But discomfort, as I see it, is the stuff of art and writers have an obligation to share those experiences with others. If they say poets are litigators of natural law than I say writers are professors of the human condition. 

 I enjoy watching movies, good or bad, going for walks and painting, though I'm not very good. I love to cook, hate to clean and prefer the desert over the ocean. In short, the following sums up who I am and who I strive to be: life is too short for fake friends, cheap wine and tofu instead of steak. 

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Let's Chat, I love to chat  |  Tel: 307.399.3632

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