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website copyediting& proofing 

Every website presents an opportunity to showcase uniqueness, cultivate inspiration and prompt action. It's my job to make sure these elements and others find their way into your content through clean and coherent copy. 

what can you expect?

Copyediting services include a total mechanical sweep of spelling, grammar and punctuation. I also look at content organization and structuring of text when necessary. Lastly, I query facts, consider SEO language and make suggestions where appropriate. *a complimentary proof is highly suggested to follow a copyedit


Proofing is the final readthrough of all digital copy to ensure any mechanical, typographic or structural errors made during revision aren't published. 


social media proofing

Social media is a powerful  and increasingly necessary tool for branding, marketing and public relation management. Over 50% of consumers learn about brands/ companies through social media and nearly 80% are more willing to buy from a company that offers positive media interactions.  

what can you expect?

Media proofing is a total package and includes the close examination of the following: 

  •  language, content structure and organization

  • SEO terminology/post headers

  • spelling, grammar and punctuation

  • facts/ data


Policy and Submission

Media writing is centered around trust and relationship building, thus I offer these services through 6 and 12 month contracts. This allows time for me to work closely with you, learn your desired media identity, and find and refine a voice that reaches your target audience. 

Unless direct access is given to website platform, all copy for website content and social media is to be submitted through Google docs. All edits will be completed as in text suggestions, which the client can then accept or reject.  

 All copy is to be sent as monthly content, i.e. all content for the month of January should be submitted as a single document, with the following label: client^name_month_service. This is to avoid confusion or misplacement of material.  


Questions or concerns? Let's chat, I love to chat!

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