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prices are base line and subject to change. All services, excluding beta reading and coaching, require a 30% transferrable down payment upon scheduling. This serves as a calendar reservation and ensures a deadline is assigned to the text. Cancelations must be made 2 weeks prior to start date. Failure to cancel within allotted timeframe forfeits a refund of the down payment. Acceptable payments include Paypal and checks made payable to a Taylor(ed) edit, **Please note, edits will not be returned until payment has been received in full. 

 proofreading  is one of the last steps in the editing process. Any errors introduced to the text related to punctuation, grammar or typesetting are corrected. Essentially this stage is a final look at the revised script to ensure any mistakes made during revision aren't printed. Proofreading should occur after a copyedit. 

$0.0081/word (50k = $405) 

 copyediting, though similar to proofreading, is a total mechanical sweep. Grammar, spelling, punctuation and overall sentence structures are polished; inconsistencies in voice, style or formatting are corrected; and inconsistencies or discrepancies in story, fact or tone are quarried. Friendly suggestions on how to correct awkward or weak language is also included. 

$0.011/word (50k= $550) 

 content& structure editing  is the close analysis of characterization (including inconsistencies in character personalities and internals vs dialogue); story/plot structure, continuity and organization; and paragraph mechanics. It also includes "light" copyediting. Non-fictional works will also receive fact queries and if necessary, reorganization of content. *Please note an editor is not responsible for factual manuscripts but will draw attention to known inaccuracies. 

$0.015/word (50k= $750) 

 line editing  centers around remedying lackluster, unidiomatic or ambiguous language. As my specialty, I apply stylistic revisions and suggestions to language, punctuation, diction, cadence and voice. I also watch for showing vs telling and any inconsistencies in author's voice/style and goal. Line edits are attentive and stylistic and meant to ensure each is its absolute strongest.

$0.013/word (50k= $750)        

 beta reading  can occur before, during or after a manuscript's completion, although the tradition is shifting to before any editing even occurs. In short, your story is read full through from the perspective of a general reader. Notes on clarity, plot, believability and overall potential are made. I also include friendly suggestions where needed. Beta reading is not a guaranteed measure of  how successful your text will be but provides insight to how your text might be received. Beta reading can help with marketing strategy.

$0.0045/word (50k= $225) 

 coaching for creative writing  I will provide Taylored and customized advice on how to strengthen your writing by closely examining a work in progress. I also guide you through the creative writing process and give pointers on how to write for your target audience while maintaining a voice unique to you and your writing style. Common elements discussed are artistic use of language, sentence structuring, and the manipulation of grammar. These hour-long sessions are conducted via Zoom or phone conference.


 coaching for academic writing  I will guide students through the academic writing process by giving pointers on how to write for your professors while maintaining a voice unique to the writer's style. Help with brainstorming/outlining, organization and structuring of content is also available. Each session will require a rubric to be submitted a minimum of three days prior to work session. These hour-long sessions are conducted via Zoom or phone conference.



submission guidelines


  Allowing a professional editor to critique your work takes a lot of strength and courage. I want you to know I care about you and am grateful for your trust in me. As your editor, I will always strive for perfection, and so, to better serve you, ask that the following submission instructions be adhered to: 

Antique Envelope Front

hard copy manuscripts must be submitted double-spaced, 11-12 point TNR and numbered. Please package in a soft yellow envelope and send to

a Taylor(ed) edit

607 S 7th St

Laramie, WY 82070


digital manuscripts must be submitted as, or easily converted to, a Word document  via email.  All edits are done with Track Changes and will be returned as a Word doc. 


 all manuscripts must include a cover page with pen name/author's name, contact information, title and word count.

In addition, please include any questions or concerns you have about the text so I can better direct my attention to your needs.  

*Additional notes*

 Per my training I always read a text once full through before applying any sort of editing. This is to view the manuscript as a whole work and get a feel for story, character and style without interruption. It also provides opportunity for apparent ambiguities or questions to answer themselves before querying an author. 

This practice requires a minimum of three days to be included to any deadline. 

Short stories up to 5,000 words are charged a flat rate of $75


Additionally, prices listed with all services, excluding beta reading and coaching, include light to medium copyediting. Heavy copyedits are available upon request and will require a small additional fee. This is determined by consultation, overall state of the text and needs/desires of the author. 

Questions or concerns? Let's chat, I love to chat!

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