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 Writing is hard and as a primarily solitary art form, one can easily become overwhelmed and lonely as they type away their thoughts, emotions, ideas and beliefs. You give so much of yourself away as a writer and often, all you need in return is unbiased, honest and helpful advice. Fortunately, the internet provides ample resources and opportunity for writers and content creators to put themselves out there. Unfortunately, the internet in all its glory and grandeur cannot discern what is good and what is better, interesting and truly inspiring; it cannot help you shape your literary work into art. But I can. Together we can be brilliant. 

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Hi, I'm Marissa



 I will identify typographic errors related to grammar, spelling, punctuation and style. I also take a final look at sentence structure and any awkward or unidiomatic language.  


 A combination of general content editing and proofing, I will correct mechanical errors related to grammar and punctuation as well as address minor inconsistencies. 

Content& Structure

 I will  give feedback on your text as a whole by considering characterization, plot structure and use of language.

Line& Copyedit

 Line by line, I will address  any lackluster or weak language by providing stylistic revisions consistent with character, narrator and author. I also look at sentence structuring to ensure it is its strongest. 

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Let's chat, I love to chat  |  Tel: 307.399.3632

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